Short Stories

cover of Ghost Mode

Ghost Mode

Lifecast celebrity Quentin E. Donovan wants to spice up his broadcast feed by introducing some artificial drama on the sly. What better way to boost his ratings than hiring a professional villain from the Darknet—a hacktivist with her own agenda?

“Ghost Mode” takes the notions of self-promotion and augmented reality to a chilling extreme.


This prequel, of sorts, to The Soul Sleep Cycle, tells the story of how Allison Greene makes the leap from inexperienced dream drifter to an official member of Project Valhalla.

Also Published

The following appear in Ghost Mode & Other Strange Stories:

  • “Anthropology in Apogee”
  • “Gamechanger”
  • “Flesh & Blood”
  • “Unparalleled”
  • “Reputation”
  • “Captive”
  • “The Fix”
  • “The Lake Road”
  • “Suspect 814553”
  • “The Monster & The Mirage”
  • “The End”


  • “The Battle for Bandwidth” — a pandemic-inspired play about a family forced to spend time together
  • “Dead Magic” — a short story about an arms deal between a dodgy human and a sly fairy that goes sour
  • “Dime Story” — a vignette exploring the lives of four Milwaukeeans who come in contact with a common coin
  • “Epiphany” — a short story about estranged triplet sisters who receive an unexpected birthday gift
  • “Fallout” — a one-act play about two neighbors spending an enlightening night together
  • “Going Viral” — a gray-hat hacker learns just how easy it is to trick somebody, including oneself
  • “Great Rewards” — an Altaerran tale of a dishonored knight’s undying loyalty to a usurper prince
  • “Monkeys” — a Kafkaesque short story about what a man must do to defend his home from an unlikely invader
  • “Morning Meal Mayhem” — a silly short story starring familiar breakfast cereal icons engaged in mortal combat
  • The Pajamazon Amazon vs The Goofers Twofers — a superhero-themed children’s chapter book
  • “School Spirit” — a bullied teen tries to summon a demon but conjures up something even better