Work in Progress

Curmudgeons & Flagons


Four former adventurers while away their retirement in an inn, drinking, reliving their glory days, and questioning the nature of their reality. Osmund the Oak, Ronnie, Kaf’ael, and Sister Sidra were once heroes, and if Fate has anything to say about it, their quest for greatness is far from over.

Curmudgeons & Flagons is a humorous commentary on D&D, RPG video games, and getting older—rendered in wonderfully retro pixel art.


  • Creating new content weekly
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Tabletop Roleplaying Game (TTRPG)

My first stab at interactive fiction: a fifth-edition Dungeons & Dragons-compatible TTRPG set in the parodical, pun-riddled world of Mezzo-Earth and featuring the heroes of The Lost Tale of Sir Larpsalot. Learn more about this project here.


  • Writing and assigning art
  • Release date: mid-2022