Work in Progress

"Coming Soon" scene from the Curmudgeons & Flagons inn

Curmudgeons & Flagons


Four former adventurers while away their retirement in an inn, drinking, reliving their glory days, and questioning the nature of their reality. Osmund the Oak, Ronnie, Kaf’ael, and Sister Sidra were once heroes, and if Fate has anything to say about it, their quest for greatness is far from over.

Curmudgeons & Flagons is a humorous commentary on D&D, RPG video games, and getting older rendered in wonderfully retro pixel art.


  • Characters, setting, and other visual assets have been created
  • Researched online publishing platforms for webcomics
  • Up next: writing/designing the first few “issues”
  • Slated to debut in early 2021

Ghost Mode & Other Strange Stories

Short Story Collection

  • Drifters
  • Epiphany
  • The Fix
  • Gamechanger
  • Ghost Mode
  • Going Viral
  • The Lake Road
  • Mother Magus
  • A Tall Tale of Altaerra


  • Writing new short stories
  • Editing the other short stories
  • Estimated publication date: Summer 2021
Ghost Mode cover