Anthologies & Collections

Ghost Mode & Other Strange Stories

Speculative Fiction Collection

A hacker-for-hire who blurs the line between hero and villain…

A guardian angel struggling with a deceptively simple assignment… 

A cunning grifter whose easy mark is much more than she seems…

Encompassing a diverse array of speculative fiction—including sci-fi, fantasy, dreampunk, and paranormal—this collection of short stories celebrates the supernatural while exploring exactly what it means to be human.

Somniscope: A Dreampunk Convergence

Includes “Darlings” by David Michael Williams

Somniscope: a device used to facilitate the exploration and study of dreams.

Dreampunka progressive genre of speculative fiction centered on dreams and dreamlike states of consciousness.

Convergence: the point at which multiple distinct entities come together to form a unified whole.

The visionary minds behind Mirrormaze: A Dreampunk Anthology are back in force with a book that defies categorization. Is it a collection of short fiction? Sure. A multi-author novel? That too.

Turn on, tune in, and blast off into a dream like no other! But fair warning: once you enter the world of Somniscope, you may never again feel at home in your waking life.

Mirrormaze: A Dreampunk Anthology

Includes “Drifters” by David Michael Williams

Come navigate a labyrinth of visions, illusions, nightmares, and fantasies. Explore the nascent genre of dreampunk with 22 of its finest authors as they examine and transform the dreamscapes that we call our lives. Get lost among the twists and turns, ascending to the upper limits of both wonder and dread.

Do you dare enter the Mirrormaze?

cover of Sixfold Fantasy

Sixfold Fantasy

A Collection of Six Complete Novels

This one-of-a-kind collection features six standalone and series-debut novels, including three Chanticleer International Book Award-winning titles!

  1. Flowerantha by Bek Castro
  2. How to Set the World on Fire by T.K. Riggins
  3. Into the Flames by Jessie Sanders
  4. The Queen and Knights of Nor by R.L. Stelzer
  5. Through the Mountains by Malinda Andrews
  6. Rebels and Fools by David Michael Williams
cover of One Million Project Fantasy Anthology

One Million Project: Fantasy Anthology

Includes “Ghost Mode” by David Michael Williams

A fantastic short story collection by 40 authors from around the world who have come together to raise money for great causes. All OMP proceeds after production costs will go to cancer research and to homeless charities.

The Renegade Chronicles Collection

(Vols. 1–3)

This e-book collection includes three complete novels—Rebels and Fools, Heroes and Liars, and Martyrs and Monsters—as well as a comprehensive appendix of the people, places, and peculiarities of Altaerra.