In addition to the interactive fiction I release through One Million Words, I’ve also had the privilege of contributing to other games as a freelancer, including video game developer/publisher Forge 215 and TTRPG giant Goodman Games.

The Specter Chronicles

Episode 1 – The False Prophet

RPG Video Game

The Specter Chronicles is a cyberpunk visual novel that combines text-based adventure with turn-based tactical combat.

You are a Specter, a highly-trained enforcer of the Warden who rules over humanity as a godlike algorithmic entity. You have suffered a severe memory loss during a mission to track down the Prophet, a rebel leader who defies the Warden’s regime. With the help of a neural engineer, you must restore your memories by reliving them.

But what will you discover in your own memories?

THE SPECTER CHRONICLES, available on Steam, includes characters, encounters, and quests written by David Michael Williams.

Fifth Edition Fantasy

The Sunless Garden

Tabletop Roleplaying Game

After arriving at the seemingly abandoned trading post of Garland’s Fork, the heroes discover to their horror that all of the inhabitants have been transformed into black trees! Upon further investigation, they find clues that lead them to the hidden lair of Nockmort, a treant corrupted to unspeakable evil. Nockmort has been transformed by the strange radiation of a recently discovered meteorite that has fallen from the heavens. The once benign tree folk is now twisted and evil, a diabolical force to be reckoned with! In order to save the town of Garland’s Fork, the heroes must enter his sunless garden and do battle with other mutant creatures. And along the way, they might just discover fabulous treasure…

The Sunless Garden is a 5E conversion of Dungeon Crawl Classics #10 by Goodman Games. Originally published in 2004, this classic has been updated to the fifth edition of the world’s most popular tabletop role-playing game.

THE SUNLESS GARDEN was written by Brendan LaSalle, converted to 5E by Mihailo Tesic, and edited by David Michael Williams.

Denizens of the Reed Maze

Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Your band of adventurers is gaining quite a reputation for yourselves in the borderlands. A local patron encourages you to investigate a recently aggressive band of frogfolk, stirring in the nearby fens. The frogfolk have displaced a benevolent tribe of lizardfolk, and rumors persist they gather resources for an all-out war. The frogfolk have even cut twisting passages through the tall reed grass to defend the route to their hill-top lair. Something sinister must be behind these actions!

Following a trek through the stinking morass of the reed maze, your band finds a hidden shrine once dedicated to the Earth Mother but now the lair of the frogfolk leader. But all is not as it seems in this desecrated temple. What foul eldritch sorceries have corrupted the frogfolk leader and can the heroes put an end to its diabolical machinations?

DENIZENS OF THE REED MAZE, written by Chris Doyle and edited by David Michael Williams, is a Level 3 adventure for the fifth edition of the world’s first fantasy roleplaying game.