One Million Words

My indie publishing company

On Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016, David Michael Williams the Author became David Michael Williams the Publisher.

I had used the One Million Words brand for years before creating One Million Words LLC, so when it came time to name my business, the phrase was a no-brainer. (Why “One Million Words”? Click here for the origin story.)

(Please note that I do not print or publish Bibles. Give this other company a try.)

To date, One Million Words has published the following:


three novels of The Soul Sleep Cycle side by side

The Soul Sleep Cycle

Additional Books


Curmudgeons & Flagons

Pixel art makes me smile. It’s probably because I grew up playing 8-bit RPGs, and nostalgia is a potent magic indeed.

I still love video games as well as tabletop roleplaying games. Playing with fantasy tropes is a recurring theme with my fiction, so when I decided to check another project off my bucket list—creating a comic book—Curmudgeons & Flagons was born.

Volume 1 of this retro, fantasy-themed webcomic can be found at Graphite Comics.