About the Author

Writer, World Builder, Punslinger

portrait of David Michael Williams

Hi, I’m David Michael Williams

While I’ve been a reporter, copywriter, novelist, game writer, and even cartoonist over the course of my career, my true identity can be summed up in a single word: storyteller.

It’s why my mind conjures up fully formed characters at the drop of a helmet.

It’s how a random thought can send me careening headfirst into weird worlds of my own making.

It’s what prevents my brain from powering down at night when an enticing plot just won’t let go.

From books to tabletop games to video games — I can’t wait to create whatever comes next!

Why did I become an authorpreneur?

  • Because I labor under the belief that lies can reveal important truths
  • Because I love delving into the realms of What if? and discovering how my characters will survive what I throw at them
  • And because I believe my stories are as good as — or better than — what the big publishers are putting out

If you like wonderfully weird fiction with rich characters and unpredictable plots, give my books and games a try.