Meet the Renegades

Klye Tristan

A former thief and self-proclaimed Renegade Leader, Klye doesn’t believe in the gods, but he’ll need a miracle to complete his mission.

Weapon: rapier

“I don’t know what causes gods believe in…or what causes people to believe in the gods, for that matter.”

Chester Ragellan

A disgraced Knight of Superius, Ragellan joins the Renegades to learn who framed him—and why.

Weapon: broadsword

“Had we remained in Superius, we would now be dead. I am quite certain of that.”

Dominic Horcalus

A fugitive from the Knighthood, Horcalus faithfully follows his mentor, Ragellan, though he hates conspiring with the rebels.

Weapon: longsword

“I shall continue to follow you and, consequently, Klye Tristan until my conscience can bear it no longer.”

Othello Balsa

A forester accustomed to solitude, Othello says little but perceives much; his senses are as sharp as one of his green-fletched arrows.

Weapon: longbow

“You have friends among the Knights and would fight for their cause…you are as much a Knight as I am a Renegade.”

Plake Nelway

A reckless rancher who constantly questions authority, especially Klye’s, Plake possesses an unquenchable thirst for excitement and ale.

Weapon: dirk, fists

“Why should we be cooped up in this gods-forsaken inn while High and Mighty Klye Tristan comes and goes as he pleases? Who made him our leader anyway?”

Solomon ‘Scout’ Aegis

An explorer at heart, Scout knows more about the island of Capricon than anyone…if he is to be believed.

Weapon: throwing knife

“I’ve never been lost in my life. It’s not my fault that we started our trip from a place I’ve never been before. I can’t be expected to know the layout of places I haven’t explored yet.”


A pirate king who carved his way to the top, Pistol owes the Renegades a debt, but not even he knows how far that loyalty stretches.

Weapon: cutlass

“Gods, I hate magic.”


A lifelong buccaneer, Crooker is content to let others do the planning, but he won’t think twice about killing those who threaten his friends.

Weapon: cutlass

“If anyone speaks ill of our fallen friend, let his tongue rot in his mouth and choke him!”

Arthur Bismarc

A young runaway, Arthur wants only to forget his past crimes but ends up committing new ones after getting caught up with the Renegades.

Weapon: rusty hatchet

“Would someone please tell me what in the hells a midge is?”

Lilac Zephyr

A warrior woman with a clandestine agenda, Lilac wields an enchanted blade that can effortlessly cut through stone, steel, and bone.

Weapon: vorpal sword

“Sometimes the gods work in ways we cannot comprehend. You have to admit it’s miraculous we’ve made it this far.”