parchment style of island map

Map by David Michael Williams and Jake Weiss. © 2016 One Million Words.


Welcome to Capricon

Before the men of Glenning conquered Capricon many years ago, it was claimed by a clan of bloodthirsty, seafaring dwarves. Centuries before that, elves called the island home, though nobody can seem to remember when or why they left—just more mystery that plague this ancient land.

Today, Capricon is a province of the Continae, a confederacy of human nations. It is defended by the stalwart Knights of Superius. But bands of rebels prowl from bustling Port Town in the west to Rydah, the capital, in the east.

When the Knights announce their intentions to repopulate Fort Faith in order to curtail Renegade travel through the middle of the island, a small rebel band decides to arrive first and claim the keep as their own.