Meet Good Company

sketch of Lorenzo and Sir Larpsalot

Lorenzo / Sir Larpsalot

Lorenzo Lopez would much rather larp than worry about starting high school or saying goodbye to his best friend. As Sir Larpsalot, human paragon, he is eager to prove himself, though his heroics could tear the party apart.

sketch of Asher and Elvish Presley

Asher / Elvish Presley

Asher Brzezinski plans one final larp for Good Company before his family moves away, but everything goes wrong. As Elvish Presley, elf minstrel, he has played many roles, but never before the damsel in distress.

Sketch of Mak and Brutus the Bullheaded

Mak / Brutus the Bullheaded

Makayla Schmidt unleashes her inner beast when she larps, though she also has a secret reason for playing. As Brutus the Bullheaded, minotaur berserker, she buries her feelings beneath a tough exterior—until she can’t.

sketch of Trent and Tom Foolery

Trent / Tom Foolery

Trent Hawthorn thinks larping was fun while it lasted, but he is ready to grow up and meet girls. As Tom Foolery, a dwarf clerogue, he must remain a geek a little longer if he wants to keep himself and his brother alive.

sketch of Jon and Master Prospero

Jon / Master Prospero

Jonathan Hawthorn doesn’t care if the others call him a know-it-all because it implies he truly knows everything. As Master Prospero, human magus, he will do anything to complete their quest, even if he has to do it alone.

Character art by Gwendolyn Williams