The Soul Sleep Cycle

The Soul Sleep Cycle reveals a hidden world where a select few possess the ability to prowl the collective unconscious. Two rival factions of dream drifters have turned the dreamscape into a war zone, and those sworn to protect the public must walk a razor’s edge of morality while fighting against those who would use their power to control death itself.

Book 1: If Souls Can Sleep

Vincent Cruz used to think he would give anything to bring his daughter back…

After years of reliving the morning his daughter drowned, Vincent’s recurring dream suddenly stops, only to be replaced by a new nightmare that stretches from his subconscious into the real world and beyond the grave.

With the help of his stoner roommate and a sleep doctor with issues of her own, Vincent must make sense of a dream in which he becomes Valenthor, a medieval warrior who also lost a daughter and who, like Vincent, has turned to the bottle for solace. But Valenthor’s clichéd quest is more than a coping mechanism that lets Vincent play hero, and unless he can figure out how his devious—and comatose—half-brother, the CIA, and an amateur fantasy writer figure into the phenomenon, he may lose more than his mind.

(If Souls Can Sleep is under editorial consideration.)

Book 2: If Sin Dwells Deep

Straight-laced Allison Greene has a secret: she can invade the minds of others while they sleep. Determined to use her dream drifting abilities for the greater good, Allison joins Project Valhalla, a highly classified government organization charged with keeping peace in the dreamscape.

But her nocturnal escapades begin to bleed into the real world when she falls in love with a fellow secret agent and unwittingly lands in the crosshairs of a sexually sadistic drifter who has discovered her true identity. Soon the constant compromises Allison makes as the devil-may-care goddess Syn have her questioning which persona is more real.

When she disobeys a direct order forbidding her from searching for her missing mentor in the dreamscape, she quickly realizes that the rescue mission could cost her not only her life, but her very soul as well.

(If Sin Dwells Deep is under editorial consideration.)

Book 3: If Dreams Can Die