The Soul Sleep Cycle

If Souls Can Sleep: Book One (paperback cover)


First he lost his daughter.

His mind may be next.

After years of being haunted by the day his little girl drowned, Vincent faces a new nightmare — one that reaches into the real world and beyond the grave.

If Souls Can Sleep introduces a hidden world where gifted individuals possess the power to invade the dreams of others. Two rival factions have transformed the dreamscape into a war zone where all reality is relative and even the dead can’t rest in peace.

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If Sin Dwells Deep (Book Two)

Straight-laced Allison Greene has a secret: she can invade the minds of others while they sleep.

But her nocturnal escapades begin to bleed into the real world when she falls in love with a secret agent and unwittingly lands in the crosshairs of a sexually sadistic drifter who has discovered her true identity.

If Sin Dwells Deep is scheduled for publication in Fall 2018.



If Dreams Can Die (Book Three)

If Dreams Can Die is scheduled for publication in Spring 2019.