Selena Nelesti, red-robed wizardess, half-petrified and standing before a crescent moon

My new YA fantasy novel is available now!

Escape for a spell with my newly released novel, Magic’s Daughter, a coming-of-age story set in the fantasy world of Altaerra.

If you’ve already read The Renegade Chronicles, you’ll feel right at home with Selena Nelesti, a young aristocrat grappling with the dangers of magic in the days before the Renegade War.

If you haven’t read The Renegade Chronicles, don’t worry: Magic’s Daughter is a standalone story and can be enjoyed as an independent entryway into my magical, medieval world.

If you like fantasy, YA fiction, and/or smart stories with heart, give Magic’s Daughter a try!

The paperback and Kindle editions are available now at Additional e-book editions as well as an audiobook version are slated for later in 2020.

The blurb:

A black sheep in red robes

Selena Nelesti wants nothing to do with her noble name.

While her mother schemes to find her a highborn husband, young Selena loses herself in her studies, learning about the villains and heroes who helped shape the world.

But ancient history cannot fix her future. To destroy the shackles of duty and forge her own path, she must seek out new knowledge—forbidden knowledge.

All magic requires sacrifice, however, and if Selena is not careful, it may consume her completely.

Key characters:

Selena Nelesti

The youngest daughter of a prosperous duke, Selena has everything she could ever want—except the chance to be more. She’s smart, stubborn, and, at times, self-centered.

Godfrey Nelesti

Duke Godfrey Nelesti is a pivotal player in the controversial Alliance of Nations treaty. But is it the stress of politics or something else that causes him to withdraw from Selena?

Charlotte Nelesti

The only thing Selena and her mother seem to have in common is their red hair. Then again, Charlotte has a secret of her own, one that could destroy the Nelesti family.

Williard O’Camber

Selena’s uncle—her mother’s twin brother—is more than a little rough around the edges. His unexpected visit triggers a chain of events that effects Selena’s past, present, and future.

Celeste Nelesti

Selena has always been close to her grandmother, whose stories and advice she cherishes. However, an ailment of the mind threatens to rob her of both.

Father Briarbridge

A devout priest of Pintor, Sebastian Briarbridge serves as Castle Nelesti’s confessor and Selena’s personal tutor—much to the young woman’s chagrin.

Lucas Thorne

Selena sneaks out at night to visit the castle’s stable boy, who gives her glimpses of the outside world. Her forbidden friendship with Lucas is exciting, especially when it starts to become something more.

Latimer Lanthrope

A foppish wizard from the Assembly of Magic, Latimer wields powerful spells and a devil-may-care attitude that Selena finds equally enthralling—and equally dangerous.