Selena Nelesti, red-robed wizardess, half-petrified and standing before a crescent moon

Gather around, my friends, and prepare to hear a story as stirring as any sung by Silas the Bard.

That’s right: Magic’s Daughter, the latest tale of Altaerra, can now be enjoyed as an audiobook.

If you need a reminder of what this adventure is all about, behold:


Selena Nelesti wants nothing to do with her noble name.

While her mother schemes to find her a highborn husband, young Selena loses herself in her studies, learning about the villains and heroes who helped shape the world.

But ancient history cannot fix her future. To destroy the shackles of duty and forge her own path, she must seek out new knowledge—forbidden knowledge.

All magic requires sacrifice, however, and if Selena is not careful, it may consume her completely.

All hail the narrator!

I can’t speak highly enough of Angela Rysk, the narrator of Magic’s Daughter. Here are just a few reasons why her performance is amazing:

  • First and foremost, I love her voice. Her tone, inflections, cadence—all of it works together to keep listeners on the edge of their seats.
  • She gives dialogue the attention it deserves, masterfully voicing men, women, and children alike and effortlessly bouncing back and forth between high-brow Superian and cockney Paramese.
  • For that matter, I threw more than 100 names of people and places at her, including many odd appellations of my own creation. From Afren Ckile to Sylvanayérek, she did Altaerra proud!

Thank you, Angela, for all of your hard work.

Don’t be afraid to dabble!

Go ahead and give the prologue a whirl:

Embrace the magic!

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