Title graphic for The Lost Tale of Sir Larpsalot

It’s GAME ON with new novel for fans of fantasy RPGs

’Tis a most auspicious day indeed for adventurers young and old. Behold: the advent of a new epic scribed upon parchment and conjurable for thy literary talisman!

Translation: The Lost Tale of Sir Larpsalot is now available in paperback and for Kindle!

Wizards & Wannabes

As the first day of high school creeps closer, five friends agree to one last LARP* before splitting the party and ending their geeky game forever.

But the real adventure is just beginning…

Mistaking the teens’ costumed characters for actual warriors, a sorceress summons Sir Larpsalot, Elvish Presley, Brutus the Bullheaded, Master Prospero, and Tom Foolery to her world to complete an impossible quest. To succeed, they must become the heroes they only ever pretended to be.

And if they can’t find a way to win, it’s GAME OVER for real!

* Live action role-playing game

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