Illustration by Wyatt Knoll, aka The General

Ally or enemy—your decisions will define her role.

In between editing text, rallying playtesters, and making maps for my tabletop RPG, The Curse of Er’Mah’Gerd, I’m working with illustrators to bring my heroes, monsters, and other nonplayer characters (NPCs) to life.

So while much work still lies ahead, I’m thrilled to introduce this ferocious “feral elf.”

River Eagle represents one of three factions with whom Good Company (you and your band of adventurers) can form an alliance. Players will encounter the stoic archer early in their quest. Depending on your actions, you might find her fighting by your side—or across from you on the battlefield!

Enjoy this excerpt from my first draft:

A long-legged elf in simple leathers sits, arms-crossed, by herself at one of the tables. She clutches a tankard but doesn’t drink. Her narrowed eyes watch everything around her—watch you. Green and brown warpaint covers her face, and a pair of feathery tattoos drape down her bare arms like wings.

Her lips twitch, but don’t actually smile, as you approach. She stands and says, “Good Company, yes? I am River Eagle, and I represent the elves of the Untamed North.”

You can meet River Eagle and her rivals—Gildbert G. Goldbottom of the Civilized South and Noh-Wei of the Disorient—when The Curse of Er’Mah’Gerd is released in the summer of 2022. Meanwhile, you can contact me if you’re interested in playtesting the game as a GM.

Onward to glory!