It’s an author’s job to bring characters to life with words.

Of course, the occasional illustration can’t hurt!

The heroes of Good Company made their debut in my novel The Lost Tale of Sir Larpsalot. Now I’m thrilled to share some new illustrations from my upcoming tabletop roleplaying game.

Here are the first three (of six) playable characters from The Curse of Er’Mah’Gerd:

Sir Larpsalot

Human Paragon

As the leader of Good Company, Sir Larpsalot du Lac has a clear mission: to protect his companions while serving as a champion of justice to the realm. While he has only recently freed his homeland, the Kingdom of Llamalot, from More-Dread’s stranglehold, he knows there are plenty of other wrongs that must be righted.

Serving Gallant, the patron god of all paragons, Sir Larpsalot prefers a straightforward approach to confronting foes as opposed to subterfuge, which sometimes puts him at odds with shrewd Master Prospero and sly Tom Foolery. Unlike Brutus the Bullheaded, whose instinct is to fight to the death, Sir Larpsalot yields when an adversary cries for mercy.

With his enchanted sword Excaliburnt in hand and his fast friend Elvish Presley at his side, he faces all manner of peril with dignity and honor.

Elvish Presley

Elf Minstrel

Some call him the Minstrel King because of his noble birth, but Elvish Presley is content to let Sir Larpsalot lead, offering sage advice as needed. Clad in a blue-suede cloak and carrying the party’s Bottomless Bag, he’s always ready to support Good Company with an uplifting ditty or timely curative.

Elvish Presley serves as Sir Larpsalot’s mentor and confidant, and he is more often amused than annoyed by Brutus’s unruly behavior and Tom Foolery’s pranks. He is also one of the few people in Mezzo-Earth who can—occasionally—convince Master Prospero he is wrong.

Flamboyant, funny, and fair—he knows when a joke is needed to ease tension within the group and when to let sleeping minotaurs lie.

Brutus the Bullheaded

Minotaur Berzerker

While he shares the sheer ferocity of his fellow minotaurs, Brutus possesses one thing his clansmen lack: an ambition to do more than sack the same helpless villages over and over again. Equipped with Plan A, the deadliest battleaxe in all Mezzo-Earth, and a temper that could make an adult dragon cry, he seeks glory on the battlefield above all else.

A worshipper of Caht-Tel, Goddess of the Stampede, Brutus considers strength a virtue in of itself. He is proud to fight beside brave Sir Larpsalot and begrudgingly respects the spellcasting prowess of Master Prospero. Not a fan of Tom Foolery, who always seems to be underfoot, Brutus has a soft spot for quick-witted Elvish Presley.

Whether Good Company is facing a band of brigands or a small army, Brutus the Bullheaded will always charge into the fray, horns first!

I’ll reveal the remaining three heroes in a future blog post. In the meantime, if you’re curious about which member of Good Company best suits you, just take the quiz!

Illustrations by The General