Celebrating a writing milestone? Listen up!

When a writing project spans years, it’s important to acknowledge milestones along the way.

Earlier this week, I completed the heavy edits (read: rewrite) of my most recent novel, If Sin Dwells Deep. Considering the brainstorming for that book began five years ago and I finished the first draft 13 months ago, reaching the last sentence of the epilogue felt mighty fantastic.

Even though I still have to comb through the manuscript one more time for proofing purposes before sending it to my agent, I’m taking a moment to recognize this recent achievement.

And what better way to celebrate than with a song?

While working on my first entry in the Soul Sleep Cycle, I made a game of jotting down the titles of songs that contained themes in common my novel. In the end, I created a soundtrack of sorts for If Souls Can Sleep.

Now it’s become something of a tradition because as I was working on If Sin Dwells Deep, I found myself making similar notes. (I even have a couple of tracks tucked away for Book 3…)

Without further prelude here is my playlist for If Sin Dwells Deep:

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” As it turns out, that holds true for both protagonists and authors fiercely committed to pursuing their dreams.



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6 responses to “Celebrating a writing milestone? Listen up!

  1. Mark Engels

    “Earlier this week, I completed the heavy edits (read: rewrite) of my most recent novel, If Sin Dwells Deep.”

    Shine on, you crazy diamond! (Yeah, I have my own musical influences.)


  2. Thomas P. Ramirez

    Congratulations, David!

    It’s a great feeling when you finish a novel. (I should know.)

    AND you seem to be happy and satisfied with the NEW world you’ve created.

    Now let’s hope and pray that the great white SF/Fantasy agent likes your masterpiece and sees fit to send it to a gang of editors.


    Now let’s start on your next project, a non-fiction book.

    Warm wishes,


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