cover of Magic's Daughter

My latest Altaerran adventure is but a few clicks—or taps—away.

As of today, the first few chapters of Magic’s Daughter, my new YA fantasy novel, are available on Radish, an app that specializes in serial fiction.

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Once you’ve installed the app, search for Magic’s Daughter and dive in!

The prologue and first two chapters are already free. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, additional chapters will be published. You can pay to read them right away or wait a few days until they, too, are free to read.

If you’ve already read The Renegade Chronicles, you’ll feel right at home with Selena Nelesti, a young Superian aristocrat grappling with the dangers of magic in the days before the Renegade War. (You might even find a few familiar faces.)

If you haven’t read The Renegade Chronicles, don’t worry! Magic’s Daughter takes place before the trilogy. It can be enjoyed as an independent entryway into the world of Altaerra.

If you like fantasy, YA fiction, and/or smart stories with heart, give Magic’s Daughter a try!

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