In just three weeks, Magic’s Daughter will make its debut on the Radish app.

Meanwhile, I’ve conjured this Q&A to prepare you for my return to Altaerra.


What is Magic’s Daughter about?

Behold, yon back-cover blurb:


Selena Nelesti wants nothing to do with her noble name.

While her mother schemes to find her a highborn husband, young Selena escapes into her studies, learning about the warriors and wizards who shaped the world.

But ancient history cannot free her future. To destroy the shackles of duty and forge her own path, she must seek out new knowledge—forbidden knowledge.

All magic requires sacrifice, however, and if Selena is not careful, it may consume her completely.

At its core, Magic’s Daughter is a coming-of-age story of a girl who feels out of place in her own family as well as the world. The tale falls within the sword-and-sorcery fantasy genre.

Whom is the book about?

Selena Nelesti, the youngest daughter of a Superian duke, is our protagonist. She’s smart, stubborn, and, at times, self-centered.

We also meet Selena’s parents, her many brothers and sisters (each with his/her own quirks), and a couple of love interests as she gets older.

What does the title mean?

Selena was named after the moon, where, according to myth, the Goddess of Magic dwell. Since Selena can’t relate to her mother and siblings, she fantasizes about running away and being someone—anyone—else.

“Family” is a big theme in this book; the title tips its (conical) hat to that.

Where does Magic’s Daughter take place?

The book is set in Altaerra, the same world as in The Renegade Chronicles. But whereas that trilogy primarily took place in the island province of Capricon, Magic’s Daughter focuses on Superius, the most powerful kingdom in the Continent United.

Altaerra is a medieval realm populated by humans, elves, dwarves, and other fantastic races. It’s also home to all kinds of magic.

Is Magic’s Daughter a sequel to The Renegade Chronicles?

Although I wrote Magic’s Daughter after The Renegade Chronicles, it actually takes place a few years before the events of that series.

So it’s a prequel then?

Not precisely. Magic’s Daughter starts before the Renegade War and ends during its aftermath. A few names from The Renegade Chronicles crop up, but Magic’s Daughter is about a new cast of characters in a different (though not-too-distant) part of the world.

Who is the intended audience for Magic’s Daughter? What’s it “rated”?

Any fan of sword-and-sorcery fantasy is susceptible to Magic’s Daughter’s spell. Because the book stars a 14-year-old girl, the story fits nicely into the young adult (YA) subgenre.

If it were a movie, it would be rated PG or maybe PG-13 for some violence and sexual situations.

What was your inspiration for this book?

Selena Nelesti is one of three wizardly characters who play a pivotal role in future storylines. Rather than start with a book about how the trio meets—and jump into another saga—I wanted to try my hand at a story entrenched in family drama and focused on a single character, rather than an ensemble as in The Renegade Chronicles.

Moreover, I wanted to explore why Selena is how/who she is when she eventually connects with her future companions.

Could I write a self-contained, coming-of-age story that champions intrigue over battle? Is Selena’s childhood and introduction to magic worth telling? Am I capable of weaving disparate mysteries together to create a satisfying story?

Magic’s Daughter answers those questions with a resounding “yes!”

Where will Magic’s Daughter be available?

The book will first be released on Radish, an app that specializes in serial fiction. The first seven chapters of the book will be available on Sept. 3, 2019.

The first three chapters will be free. Readers can pay virtual coins (that equate to real-world currency) if they wish to read ahead. New chapters will go live every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday thereafter.

I’ll publish the entire novel in paperback and e-book in spring 2020.

What’s next? Will there be more books set in Altaerra?

My initial hope was that Magic’s Daughter would serve as an alternate entry point into my Altaerra fiction and serve as a “Book 1” for a new series that centers on the magic-casters. I have half of a rough draft of a potential Book 2, so it’s altogether possible that their future adventures will be released in some way, shape, or form.

In the short term, however, my next novel will be a standalone YA portal fantasy set in a very different world. (More on that in the months to come!)

Where can I buy The Renegade Chronicles?

So glad you asked!