book covers with the word FREE overlaid

They say you get what you pay for, and that’s true…

…except when it comes to Reader Appreciation Day, when you get what you don’t pay for!

Four years ago, I arbitrarily dedicated Sept. 13 to doing nice stuff for the people who have supported me on this crazy adventure of authorhood.

I’m keeping the tradition alive with four free things for you to enjoy.

Please tell your friends!

Cover of If Souls Can Sleep

The Soul Sleep Cycle

Some people possess the ability to sneak into other people’s dreams. They’re called dream drifters, and they can cause quite a lot of trouble in the collective unconscious. For a very limited time, If Souls Can Sleep, the first installment in The Soul Sleep Cycle, is free for Kindle and other e-book formats!

Please tell your friends!

Cover of Rebels and Fools

The Renegade Chronicles

Knights, wizards, pirates, assassins — what more could you want out of a fantasy adventure? Rebels and Fools, Volume 1 of The Renegade Chronicles, is also a free e-book download for a short span!

Please tell your friends!

Cover image of Magic's Daughter

Magic’s Daughter

In case you missed the announcement earlier this month, my newest literary work is being released as a serial novel. Magic’s Daughter, a YA fantasy coming-of-age story, is now on the Radish app, and the first few chapters are free. (And every chapter will eventually become free, making this the gift that keeps on giving!)

Please tell your friends!

Cover of Capricon and Beyond

A Deeper Delve into Altaerra

What goes into world building? So glad you asked! Capricon and Beyond, an e-book compendium to The Renegade Chronicles, explores Altaerra’s people, places, history, magic, and more.

OK, OK, this book is always free. Regardless, please tell your friends!